bébés airedales terriers 2 semaines
Neste vídeo, mostro a minha técnica para fazer o papelote no Yorkshire Terrier, com o objetivo de proteger a pelagem, evitando quebras e preparando para apresentações em exposições. Dúvidas entre em contato pelo whatsapp 11 [More]
Tadaaaaaaaaaaa!!!Mon chien-chien entre en scène!!!Alors vous le trouvez comment?Des comZzZZzzz!
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http://www.divinedogsonline.com The Bull Terrier was once used for the sport of bull baiting but today most of the aggression has been bred out of them. They are very playful and become extremely attached to their [More]
En este vídeo cuento algunos puntos que considero muy importantes para cuidar a un perro y que creo que son bastante básicos pero de los que hay que tener en cuenta. ❤ Sigue nuestras cuentas [More]
Are you thinking to bring a Yorkshire Terrier puppy in your house and not sure about its price in India for 2020? In this video I have revealed the pure breed yorkshire terrier current price [More]

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